Private Parties

Private Parties will use the following pricing. $36 for all day air/CO2 with your own equipment (choice of paint extra at prices listed below). If you don’t have your own equipment it will be $36 which will include all day air/CO2, rental gun,tank,mask,hopper, 1 bag of paint, and a pod belt with 2 pods Click for info.

Rental Equipment Available!

If you wish to use one of VP’s rentals, the cost is $36. This will cover entry to the field, a paintball marker/gun, all day CO2/HPA to make the paintball marker/gun work and a mask to protect you from injury. This also includes 1 bag of paint and a pod belt with 2 pods to hold extra paint while on the field.

Valley Paintball High School League

Valley Paintball High School League Click for info.

Open Play

Open play every Saturday from 12-6pm. Come out and have some fun! Click for info.

**Saturday October 24th will be the last Open Play date for the 2015 season**

We are now in what is typically the colder part of the paintball season

and need to make a change in our paint supply

to handle the expected colder temps.

We will only be carrying the Valken Winter Grade paintballs

through the end of the 2015 season.

The Valken Field ball at $11/bag and $44 case is no longer available,

Valken Winter Grade Paint at $14/bag and $56 case is the only paint that will be stocked.

All rentals on Saturday Open Play dates and Private Groups dates

will see the $3 increase due to the paint change.

Rental Packs are now $39