Private Parties

Private Parties will use the following pricing. $36 for all day air/CO2 with your own equipment (choice of paint extra at prices listed below). If you don’t have your own equipment it will be $36 which will include all day air/CO2, rental gun,tank,mask,hopper, 1 bag of paint, and a pod belt with 2 pods Click for info.

Rental Equipment Available!

If you wish to use one of VP’s rentals, the cost is $36. This will cover entry to the field, a paintball marker/gun, all day CO2/HPA to make the paintball marker/gun work and a mask to protect you from injury. This also includes 1 bag of paint and a pod belt with 2 pods to hold extra paint while on the field.

Valley Paintball High School League

Valley Paintball High School League Click for info.

Open Play

Open play every Saturday from 12-6pm. Come out and have some fun! Click for info.

Thursday 5/14/2015 Weather Update

We are definitely seeing an interesting forecast for this Saturday, please stay tuned for any weather related announcements

that may impact this Saturday’s Open Play schedule.